Family Weekend Journal May 24-25, 2008

Ocean, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Friday night I took Sebey and Owen to the dentist. There was a big thunderstorm that knocked out power for a while. I think finally the rainy season has arrived to Anaco.
Saturday we were invited to spend the day on a friend’s boat. Rolando & Minerva wanted to thank us for our work with their sons, Samuel and Jose. We had a great day in the Mochima National Park, and Owen and Oliver were loving the fact that a boat had a bed. Ocean also enjoyed the speed of the boat and is shown above as we go through the canals of El Morro. They even took us out for lunch at Plaza Mayor. Very cool to pull up on the boat and go to a restaurant.
Sunday was my birthday and I spent the day exactly how I wanted- with my family. We played hide-and-seek and Nadia and I went for a run together. I even got a nap in!
Final week of school – very busy.

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