Family Journal: July 26, 2008

Ocean in New Stroller, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

I went for a run this morning in our new jogging stroller. Actually the frame is the same, but I bought a new canvas seat for it. I have put on so many miles on the old one, that the fabric was getting worn out and the velcro straps no longer worked. The new seat will give me several more years of morning running. I highly recommend to any running parents to invest in one of these. The key is to find one with the large bicycle tires. I can go anywhere in the thing.

I checked out Topcider Park, just south of my neighborhood of Senjak, here in Belgrade. Belgrade has the most parks of any city in continental Europe! I have been exploring several near my home and it is great. I feel like I am in the country, although Belgrade metro area probably has around 2 million people. Ocean is shown above in the new stroller.

The park is huge and fabulous. The name of the park means “Valley of the Cannons” in Turkish. It dates back to the 1521 when the Ottoman Turks set up makeshift foundries to produce cannons to attack the city. In 1831 Prince Milos Obrenovic set aside the area for a park and his mansion, which is now a museum. The park has lots of monuments, trails, fountains, and trees. I only explored a portion of it and it is the perfect place for a picnic. There is a nice restaurant there also. Another view to the park is below. Thank you to Laurence Mitchell and his Bradt pocket guide to Belgrade for the background on the park. We’ll try to take the kids down there tomorrow.

We finished unpacking finally. We took care of the Venezuelan boxes and the last two suitcases. In the afternoon I took the boys over to the school and they rode their bikes and we played soccer. Then we took the whole family to Home Center and Nadia bought some stuff for our house. We are getting settled in and making it our home. Nadia then cooked a delicious chicken and prepared a salad and we ate outside. The rain came again and we had to move the table under the gazebo. Home Center was very nice and had everything we were looking for. The boneless whole chicken was stuffed with ham and cheese and it was absolutely delicious. The food here has been fantastic.

It has been lots of work getting everything unpacked and into place. We are very happy with our home and the kids really like it too.

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