Merry Christmas


Almost the perfect day yesterday as we had a great family Christmas. The house was crazy with our three children, our nanny, and three guests! Just how I like it.

The kids awoke early and loved opening the presents. Owen and Sebey’s favorite gifts were the spy gear. Owen is fascinated with James Bond and wants to be a spy when he grows up. Oliver loved his parking garage and Ben 10 ball. Ocean is pushing around her doll and stroller as I write this.

It was a Christmas miracle and snow arrived around 10:00 AM. It snowed a couple of inches and we went out and had a great time. Snowball fights and a football/soccer game. Ocean sat in the yard and loved the snow. Team Kralovec/Chavez prepared an incredible meal and we stuffed our faces. At night we went bowling to Delta City Mall. All and all a great day.

It was great that we could renew our bonds with Popa, Alejandra, and Sebey. It was also nice to welcome Brad and Vera to our family.

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