UP Hunting Camp

One of the great traditions of the Upper Peninsula is hunting camps. Many people here own 40-80 acre plot of woods and have a cabin. It is used mostly for hunting trips, like during deer season (November) or ruffed grouse season (early fall) or just for a weekend. Besides hunting, families enjoy riding ATV’s or snowmobiles, eating and drinking well, etc. My former social studies teacher and family friend Jim Bracket invited us to his camp for an afternoon of UP fun.

Ollie Aims At a Pop Can
Ollie Aims At a Pop Can

The boys loved it as we rode 4-wheelers, shot a bb gun, and enjoyed the beauty of the northwoods. Jim has 80 acres in northern Iron County. He has 5 children with lots of grandchildren, and they all gather there often. While we were on the ATVs touring the property, we had a nice buck (male white-tailed deer) come within 20 feet of us. It is amazing how the 4-wheelers can negotiate with ease rough terrain. He was great host and a big thanks on behalf of the boys!

Owen Revs His ATV
Owen Revs His ATV

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