Kralovecs Sweep 2010 Rodeo Run

Post Race Press Conference

Yesterday we ran our final race this summer. The Windsor Center (building behind me) hosted a 5K and 10K run. The Windsor Center is my old high school. As the population dwindles in my hometown, schools are consolidating and there are more empty former school buildings. A group of citizens are trying to use the building benefit the community and so they are raising money to keep it open and develop it for other things besides classes.

It is also Rodeo weekend here in Iron River. Annually, the town holds a rodeo and it attracts many tourists. The rodeo performers are part of a semi-professional regional circuit and this is one of their tour stops. This was the first time in several years that they held a road running race in conjunction with the rodeo. I would like to thank Dawn Pisoni and the people at the Windsor Center for making it happen again this year.
Nadia ran the 5 kilometer race and won her age group with an amazingly fast time of 24 minutes. That is about 6 minutes faster than her times a few years ago in Venezuela. I ran the 10 kilometer and finished third in my age group with a time of 4 7:20. We both earned medals and it completed a successful summer of running with us competing in three races (Bass Run, Canal Run, Rodeo Run). I am inspired to continue to train and get more serious about my running. That is of course, time permitting. At least we would like to get more serious about running. Hopefully, we can do it this school year. 
Owen and Ollie also got into the act with the Kiddie Race. It was a 70 yard dash and both boys did well. They won participation ribbons, so we all came away with something to put in the trophy case. The kids are pictured below with their friend, Avery. We want them to enjoy running and being active and events like this will help it. In the photo above, we are pictured with my dad, who was the Master of Ceremonies for the event. It was a fantastic morning!

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