Serbia’s Olympic Team


Ana Ivanovic is shown above during last night’s Opening Ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games. I love the Olympics and the whole family is following it, especially the teams of our countries. We are especially focusing on Serbia this year, and Ana, Jelena, and Novak are some of the favorites to win medals for Serbia this year.

It is a historic year for Serbia in the Olympics. It is the first time since 1912 that they have competed as Serbia. Since that time, they have either been a part of Yugoslavia or with Montenegro. They have 92 athletes participating in 11 sports. They did not win any medals in those Stockholm games of 1912, so this could be the first medal for Serbia in history!

Other medal hopes for Serbia are in the team sports. The water polo team recently won the World League championship in Germany. The men’s volleyball team placed second in the World League warm up tourney in Brazil last month. Serbia also has men’s soccer and handball teams.

I’ll hopefully have time to post a follow up during the games on Serbia’s medal tally.

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