ISB High School Daily Bulletin: Tuesday November 2, 2008

Today is a Day #4 and I will be in the MS the entire day today. Branka  and Bojana will be handling any discipline issues.

Lunch in the Library: Due to repeated occasions of food debris and litter in the library, there will be no lunches allowed to be eaten in the library. There has also been too much disruptive behavior in the library. The following notice is posted by the librarian:
The Library is a space for reading, writing, and quiet conversation.
No one should suffer from another’s noise, mess, or disruptive behaviour.
·         No food or drinks
·         No music, videos, or gaming
·         No mobiles or online telephony (skype, gtalk, etc.)
·         No behaviour that disrupts other’s ability to learn.

High School Knowledge Bowl Competition: Students interested in joining the team are asked to meet today at lunch in Mr. Slough’s room.

Hooded Sweatshirt Sales:
Our PTA has asked me to let you know that today during LS conferences, they will be taking pre-orders for new ISB sweatshirts that they are selling.  There are 3 different styles of sweatshirts available.  Samples of the shirts, and pre-order forms will be in the LS library for interested parents and/or staff members during the day on Tuesday.
HS Receptionist Update: The receptionist will begin training on Monday December 8. A new desk is being designed and built for her and will be ready by December 15th. We are currently in contract negotiations.
High School Math Competition: Mrs. Vuckovich will be holding an informational meeting at lunch on Friday. The competition takes place in Bucharest on February 13-14.

Why Asian Children Are Better at Mathematics:
An interesting idea from Malcolm Gladwell, the author of “Blink” in his new book “Outliers”. He reckons that it is the Chinese language and organizational system for numbers that makes mathematics easier for them. The  Guardian has an excerpt at this link.


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