HS Daily Bulletin: Tuesday December 2, 2008

Today is Day #1. I will be at the High School today.

A “Cool” Lunch: Head on down to the Performing Arts Studio today at lunch and listen to some jazz and blues music. Our group is preparing for Thursday’s concert. All students and teachers are welcome.

Library: A reminder that the last day to check out books is December 12. There are to be no book checked out over the holidays so students and teachers are asked to return them before the 19th of December. Thank you.

Secondary Faculty Meeting Reflections (Monday November 24, 2008)

I am getting around to some things I didn’t have time to finish last week:

·         Teachers said that some students are not completing their homework. They feel there is no immediate consequence for not completing it.  An idea for homework is to set an appointment with students to do the missing assignment. This can be done at break, lunch, or teacher office hours (3:00 PM  – 3:30 PM). Yvonne has found that it works and I will support you with the parents or students. Teachers can require students to come in for “extended learning opportunities” to complete specific homework assignments. When it is done, then the student can leave. Another suggestion was to have a day and time designated for homework help. Teachers would volunteer to assist students. It was mentioned that some students lack a quiet place at home to study. I want to note that students may always work after school in the library or computer lab as someone is usually around until 4:30 PM.

·         Many teachers mentioned that many Grade 11 students were not giving much of an effort in their studies. There seems to be an atmosphere of laughing at academics and students that are serious about their studies. This is confirmed with the second quarter progress reports. 11th grade had the most reports of any grade (38.9%) and 11 A had (24%). … all had four progress reports and parent meetings will be set up with them this week and next.

·         Academic Probation Students – … was also mentioned as he had three progress reports. All of us agree that the probation should be very clear on the expectations and include attitudes, effort, and behavior as well as academic performance.

·         Tardies – This is a big problem and the group came up with the idea to offer an “extended reflection period” for Friday from 3:15 PM – 4:30 PM. Bill will write letter to parents and hold the first session for those students with 3 tardies this Friday, December 5th.

·         CEESA & After School Activity Eligibility – Some teachers noted that there are some students involved in activities and they are not getting their work done in class. They asked use eligibility forms that classroom teachers sign. Both Igor and Patty sent forms to me last week and I am meeting with Will to do this.

STUCO Toy and Book Drive:  On behalf of the ISB High School 12th grade CAS students, I would like to inform you of the current project we are organizing with the Red Cross in Belgrade. In order to contribute to the Belgrade society, we contacted Ms. Milka, the volunteer for the Red Cross in Belgrade. She has informed us on the current humanitarian action which involves collecting items for the children in the oncology ward in Tirsova street. Altogether, there are 57 children, ranging from 1 to 19 years old.  It is of importance to us to contribute and raise their spirits for the holiday season. Ms. Milka has given us a list of the needed items:

-new toys for children
-books in Serbian language for the older patients
-magazines/newspapers (older editions are also accepted)
-classroom material ( notebooks, pencils…)

The items are supposed to be collected by Thursday, December 11th ,2008. Furthermore, we are aware of the busy schedules of the parents and students, and have decided to accept money and buy the items in place of them being donated.

Sandra Krstovic 12A  

ISB Time: Ana Divac will be giving a presentation to the students about Humanitarian Organization Divac (HOD) and how they can help. This will take place in the Bubble beginning at 10:50 AM. Grades 9-11 will be required to attend. HOD is a non-profit organization founded by Ana and Vlade to assist Serbian refugees from the war. Many Serbs lost their homes in Bosnia and Croatia during the breakup of Yugoslavia. As of October 2008, HOD has provided 44 families with homes. Some of their other projects are a renovation of a shelter for homeless children, building of schools in Serb enclaves in Kosovo, basketball clinics in poor countries, etc.

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