Pine Mountain Music Festival



Yesterday we took the kids to a presentation by the artists of the Pine Mountain Music Festival’s (PMMF) opera performance. The PMMF is a five-week festival that brings classical music, workshops, and master classes to the small towns in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was started by a former cellist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra that was from Iron Mountain. It is quite an opportunity to see world-class performances in this remote area. I guess the artists enjoy the beauty of the north woods .

The video above shows the performers in The Secret Marriage, an opera written by Italian Cimarosa, a contemporary of Mozart. They did a workshop for kids. We were impressed by the voices of the performers! We hope it inspires our chlidren to develop themselves in the performing arts. The audience got to ask questions and Owen asked the performers if they ever got sick and couldn’t go to a performance. The baritone answered that is how young artists such as themselves break into the business. When the veteran performer is ill, they serve as alternates and get their chance for gaining experience. Most of the performers came from music families, either having parents as music teachers and/or performers.

I was a bit disappointed at how many people came to the workshop. What a great opportunity for kids! I feel bad that I have not been able to support the festival by attending many of the performances. We don’t have babysitters here in Michigan. Perhaps as the kids get older, I’ll be able to. I encourage everyone in the area to take advantage and enjoy any of the performances. I would also like to thank the artists and the organizers of the festival for reaching out to the UP and providing us with this enlightening entertainment.

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