Morning Jog Along the Sava

Romany Children Playing, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Yesterday morning I went with Ocean in the jogging stroller. The weather cooled down considerably from Saturday, which must have been 35 C or in the 90’s F. A storm came in Saturday evening and Sunday was overcast and cool for most of the day. We saw these gypsy children playing on the banks of the Sava. It shows the pollution in the Sava River. There are several gypsy families that live in makeshift homes underneath the New Railroad Bridge, near the railroad tracks below. They are squatters as the rail yard is kind of a no-man’s land.

Hauling In a Silver Carp
Hauling In a Silver Carp

We also watched several fishermen catching, I believe, is the Silver Carp. I can’t remember the word they said in Serbian for the fish. But by the manner they were catching it, I am pretty sure it is a carp. The carp is a filter feeder, so they use a ball of dough or corn meal surrounding a group of hooks. The carp bump against the ball to knock loose the grains and will eat them as the fall to the bottom. As the carp bump against the bait, the fishermen jerk the line quickly and hook them on their bellies. We watched them haul up two pretty good size carp this way. The hooks were near the tail, and not in the mouth. They had probably 10 each. I would never eat a filter feeder like the carp taken from the Sava. I imagine the toxin buildup in the flesh of the fish.

Old Apartment Buildings Along the Sava
Old Apartment Buildings Along the Sava

One sees buildings in Belgrade in desperate need for renovations. Inside, the individual apartments are quite nice, but many facades and public areas in buildings are deteriorated. I guess it is because of a lack of money and this is something one rarely sees in Western Europe.

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