FIBA World Basketball Championships – Serbia Made The Final Four

I really enjoyed following the recent World Basketball Championships in Turkey. Serbia and the USA both did extremely well and played an exciting brand of basketball. Serbia made it to the semifinals with a thrilling win over Spain and then they lost by one point to the host Turkey. The crowds and players were into it – highly entertaining viewing. It was great that Owen also got into the games. He watched the entire fourth quarter of Turkey – Serbia with me. We played a lot of hoops this month with Oliver and Ocean also trying too.

My favorite player for Serbia in the tourney was Duško Savanović. He is a 6-7 forward who plays for Valencia in the Euroleague. Savanovic hit some big shots and was a real team player. I also admired coach Dušan Ivković for getting his team to play hard every game. Serbia had a great tourney despite the heartbreaking loss to the hosts. If Miloš Teodosić could ever play some defense, they might have won that game. I think the US would have been too much for them in the finals, but they deserved to be there.

Savanavic in battle against Angola

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