Climb to the Top of Bahrain


We Did It!

Yesterday I took the kids on a summit climb to the top of Jebel Al Dukhan, which means the Mountain of Smoke. It is the highest point in Bahrain. It certainly not K2, but the kids loved it! They scrambled up the rocks and had pretend adventures. It was surrounded by oil wells and a military base so they could pretend they were James Bond spies.

I read later where the place is now off limits to tourists due to the military camp. No one bothered us however. It is December and the best weather for doing outdoor things in Bahrain. It would be sad if this area was prohibited because it is one of the few outdoor things to do in Bahrain. You can see our rental car below in the back ground of the photo of Oliver.

Kids take to climbing quite easily. I was a bit nervous on the top when Oliver approached the cliff. It is really safe however and perfect for kids. They found a bunch old tools and waste from some construction workers. I wonder why it is called the Mountain of Smoke.

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