My Neighborhood: The Presidential Residence in Dedinje

Presidential Motorcade, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

Our little street in Dedinje serves as one of the entry/exits for the President of Serbia. The official residence is just down the block from our apartment and has several entrance routes. One of them is also our street and as you can see from above, secret service guys in black Mercedes occasionally come through with the President.
The residence is not like the White House in the US, where it is also an office and tourist attraction. The President works downtown near Parliament. The home is set back from the street quite away and with the high walls and trees it is difficult to see from the road. It is not the same Presidential residence that was used in the 90’s by Milosevic, which I blogged about earlier.
It is not like having Barak Obama living down the street. Serbia is a much smaller country than the US and people are generally not awed by the celebrity of the office. It is a bit annoying because of my children use the street for riding their bikes and skateboards. The motorcade sometimes comes out of there quite quickly, like they are on an emergency escape.

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