LIfe in Santa Cruz: Roving Fruit Salesmen



My father-in-law lives in a neighborhood in the north part of the city called “Las Hamacas,” which I don’t think needs a translation. We spend a lot of time in the park in front of his home and it has been very interesting for my children. One of the morning rituals is to wait for the call of the fruit salesman. This is a guy who sells fruit out of his taxi and drives up and down the side streets of the city, announcing his presence with a little song. You can here him at the start of the video as he is approaching me. He had a station wagon full of bananas, apples, papaya, among others. He prolongs the ending of the fruit which is hilarious. I didn’t stop him to ask how much fruit he sells in a day.

We also look forward to hearing the whistle of the neighborhood security guy. Everyone chips in to pay a private security guard to ride around on his bike and he occasionally blows his whistle to announce his presence to the neighbors and I guess the thieves that he is on duty and vigilant. A guard is doing this 24/7 and appropriately, he is known in Spanish as a “sireno.” Also yesterday, the kids pointed out a horse-drawn buggy.

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