Family Journal: July 9, 2011

Ocean and Ollie are shown above during their swimming lessons. The kids are taking lessons at Acqa Fit, a new pool here in Santa Cruz. Every morning, we pack up and take them over to the pool. They are feeling better about being in the water and both Oliver and Ocean are on the verge of swimming. It has been one of the best things we have done this holiday. The biggest risk of death for children is by accident, and we feel it is important that they can swim. I also love swimming, or at least cooling off in the water, and so this will give them a lifetime of pleasure derived from water.

The boys are also getting more and more into soccer. Owen actually wants to go to practice, instead of us having to convince him like at the start of the practices. It has been good for both to be in a smaller group so they get to handle the ball a lot and take a leadership position on the field.
Ollie Leaps High For the Ball

The holidays have been passing quickly. I am off he USA tonight for a week-long course at the University of Vermont.

I forgot how delicious Bolivian Cuisine is. Everyday we are feasting like kings thanks to Modesta, the long-time family domestic help. Dishes like majao,  tunta, cunape, etc. My waistline has expanded a bit due to all of the great food. Nadia is shown below enjoying a  ceviche, the famous Peruvian seafood dish. It is fish marinated in lemon, served with spices and sweet potatoes.

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