Sava River Bridge Opens to the Public

The Belgrade City government celebrated the completion of the part of the bridge across the Sava River by opening the bridge up to foot traffic this weekend. We were one of the first people across Saturday morning.

It was nice to see some different views of Belgrade. The column in the center with cable supports is the most impressive. As you can see, cars will be able to go directly underneath the column as it is split on the bottom. That is something you cannot see from the city. The cables also are a lot bigger than I thought. They are about the diameter of huge bowling ball.

A New View of the neighbor - The RailRoad Bridge

It is a massive construction site that also includes all of the entry and exit ramps and over passes. I hope this relieves traffic across the rivers in the city. This will be the fifth bridge in the city spanning the Sava. The bridge closest to us has been under repair all summer and there are delays because of closed lanes.

On spending time on the rivers this weekend, I realized that they play a big part in the city. It reminds me of the Swan River in Perth. Tonight perhaps I’ll take the family to the Belgrade Regatta and see all the boats on the river to finish the weekend.

News Team Were There

There has been some criticism about the cost of the bridge. I consider it worth it in the long run as perhaps, it will become a distinctive icon of the city. It is an engineering marvel and the column can be seen from just about anywhere in the city. I haven’t heard any phallic jokes about it yet, but those are sure to come.I wonder what the official name of the bridge will be. There is still much work to be done and they estimate a December 2011 completion date.



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