Koča Popović: Yugoslav Hero


My neighborhood in Dedinje is full of interesting stories. I wish I understood Serbian better because I would write a book on the fascinating history of this part of the city. Dedinje is the diplomatic enclave and richest part of the city and is full of beautiful villas with ample grounds and interesting stories that mirror the history of Serbia.

My neighbors were telling me the story of the house in this photograph. The home shares our driveway and his hidden by the trees around it. It is the former family home of Konstatin “Koča” Popović. He was a heroic officer in the Partizan Army and later served as the Foreign Minister for Yugoslavia. Popović was from a rich, “industrialist” family so I assume that this is the family home. He was not only a brave soldier that fought in the Spanish Civil War and World War II, but he was an intellectual. He was a writer, photographer, and artist.

The neighbor said that there is still a caretaker in the servant house and I do see an old lady from time to time as well as a dog, leaving via the front door. I would love to find out more about the house. Popovic is a Yugoslav hero who bravely fought the Germans and his archives are at the National Library.

I wonder what the house looks like inside? Did he leave any heirs? Why is the house look abandoned? Any of my readers have any answers for me? I will be asking my Serbian friends about him and will definitely post what I find out.

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