Paraćin, Serbia


Above is a photo of the Hotel Petrus in Paraćin, Serbia. We stayed in the hotel during the shooting of the movie. What an architectural classic of Socialist Realism! Besides being an awesome monument to the communist era of Yugoslavia, it was a nice place to stay. It is located on the river and has a very pleasant restaurant overlooking the river. Another cool thing about the hotel are the hallways, that go in a complete circle on each floor. I will never stay in a hotel like that again. The stairs and elevators are in the center of the tower. I would have loved to explored the roof and basement of this hotel. I made a video (link here) of a bit of the inside of the hotel.

The city had a great vibe. There is a walking street nearby and lots of people were out and about. Across the river the hotel, there is a nice Serbian Orthodox Church (St. ) and another Socialist classic, this fine statue commemorating 30 years of “freedom” after World War II. The communist youth figures are holding up a bright red flame. They look more like Atlas than figures happy to be free. The concrete, box apartments in the background complete the scene.

A nice little town we hope to visit again.

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