A Middle Age Man Does The Belgrade Splav Scene

A table at Sound, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

This weekend my wife and I went out with friends to experience one of the famous “splavs” of Belgrade. A splav, which means raft in English, is a bar, restaurant, or dance club which is on the river. They are literally floating on the Sava River and one needs to walk out to them on a ramp. Above is a photo I took of a drinks table at the splav Sound, and the view is of the river and the Brankov Bridge.There are many splavs, ranging from the glitzy Freestyler, to the rickety, pizza and beer joint Brodić. They are the place to be in the summer.

The Belgrade nightlife is world famous and I can see why. We visited a club downtown (Brankow) and then went to Club Sound around midnight. It is one of the fancier clubs on the river. It was early as the place was half full. Around 1:30 AM or so, it began to fill up, and when we left after 3:00 AM, it was totally packed and in full swing. I was definitely one of the older people in the club, with most patrons in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties. The music was extremely loud, although I enjoy dance music, it was too loud to talk.

There were many very good looking people at Club Sound, both men and women. I also always feel very short here, as the Serbs are very tall. It is very surprising how many fit and handsome people there are in Serbia. There was not a lot of interaction and people were content to talk and flirt with their own table, people watch, and buy drinks. Mixed drinks were about 4.50 Euros, which is not cheap for Serbia, so I was surprised at how many people were drinking, considering most Serbians don’t make a lot of money.

Photo courtesy of the Belgrade Clubbing Blog

It was very interesting to people watch and get a glimpse of the nightlife here. I am definitely out of this scene, especially when I have three children, am happily married, and get tired around 10:00 PM anyway. It would be nicer if the music was turned down to a lower volume and clubs tried to get strangers to meet each other through activities designed by the establishment to get people talking to each other. Maybe I’m just getting old…

Club Brankow – On the Roof

I would like to thank my friend Nemanja for taking us out. I hope to explore a bit more of the Belgrade night life, although perhaps in the future, a not so late.

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