The Beauty of Belgrade


Belgrade, originally uploaded by bill kralovec.

I snapped this photo last weekend on Kralja Petra Ulica (King Peter Street) of a typical Belgrade apartment. The dilapidated facades of the buildings in Belgrade are part of its charm. Most apartments are quite nice inside, where Belgraders spend their limited money, and the common areas such as the stairways, lobbies, and facades are neglected. They can be a health hazard because of the occasional chunk of cement falling to the sidewalks.

Most of the apartment buildings have a shop on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors. I wonder what year this building was constructed and what it looked like when it was new. I am also curious about the infrastructure of these buildings, like electrical wiring, water, etc. I would guess that most need updating.

All of the buildings in Belgrade have a story attached to them! I wonder what this building’s story is?

One thought on “The Beauty of Belgrade

  • Bill, if you are really interested you can go to ZAvod za zastitu spomenika and ask to see original photos of particular building in Belgrade!

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