Parking Belgrade Style


This folks is the perfect Belgrade parking technique. Parking is an adventure here and it takes awhile to figure out the parking system here. I have perfected the art of finding a parking space downtown. As you can notice, we have a big “family truckster” vehicle and it is a challenge to find parking spaces when we go to the center of the city. Belgraders park on the sidewalks. There is an etiquette to this however, and one must leave space for pedestrians to walk on the sidewalk. You can see by the woman about to go by my car that she has plenty of space. One also has to make sure that the car is not too far out into the street to block traffic, like in the photo below.

Slowing traffic while getting some milk, eggs, and cigarettes from the Maxi!

There is an organized system of paying for parking as well. The city is divided into zones and one can pay for parking by an SMS with one’s mobile phone. It is quite easy.

Here is an example below of people parking and blocking the entire sidewalk. This is also bad because it endangers or inconveniences pedestrians. I guess this is a busy street so they drivers didn’t want to risk their cars being hit while on the road.

The city makes wide sidewalks, and I guess it is for parking. The system does work and I always find a parking spot. I would like to hear some more parking stories from Belgrade readers of my blog.

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