Monkey Attack

We got out of the city and took a short ferry ride over to Pulau Ubin, a small island just off the coast of Singapore. The highlight was riding rental bikes on the roads and trails of the island. In the video above, Nadia and I are on a tandem bike and a long-tailed macaque hops on our bike to retrieve a bag of food in the front basket. I didn’t capture it on film, but Nadia’s reaction is funny. The monkey was unsuccessful in getting the bag and all parties were unharmed.

It was nice to get back to nature a bit and we all enjoyed the day. We had a nice dinner and the kids went for a swim at the Changi Sailing Club beach upon return to the main island of Singapore. Pulau Ubin is a nice day trip, although on the island there are no swimming beaches. It is nice to tour the island on bikes. There were numerous monkeys and the platform path through the mangroves and tidal flats on the east end of the island allows you to see a habitat that difficult to move through.

The sign of the day is one of the mascots the Singapore government uses to get people to behave politely on the trains. My favorite is “Bag Down Benny – A bag on the floor, means space for more” is his tagline. The nanny state of Singapore does a thorough job of communicating to its citizens and residents how to be civil to each other.






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