Family Journal: October 14, 2017


Rice Fields in Minoh, Japan

I snapped this photograph on my bike ride this afternoon. The rice fields are yellow which means they are ready to harvest. The scarecrows are keeping the crows out of the fields. The government subsidizes rice growers so there are lots of fields scattered throughout our city of Minoh.


Umenahana Restaurant 

Last weekend we went to Umenahana (Plum Blossom Flower) Restaurant. They specialize in tofu and have a very traditional decor as you can see in the hallway above. Inside the rooms are low tables with extra space under the floor. A meal comes in about 10 small courses. A very nice experience, especially for guests. It is located near the Senri Chuo train station.


Ocean’s “The Hope” 

Ocean had a mini art exhibition on Wednesday. The assignment was to create two art pieces and compose a piece of music with Garage Band that matched the mood of the piece. They are learning about how media can be used to persuade people. The work above is called “The Hope” and the piece of music evoked feelings of awe and hope in me. She is so artistic.

Finally, Owen and I went for a long bike ride last weekend and ended up riding along the Senrigawa River which is right next to the Itami International Airport.









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