Minoo, Japan Makes International News

Minoh is famous for its monkeys

I came across this article on National Public Radio which also appeared in London’s The Guardian, that featured the observations of field biologists here in my city of Minoh (or Minoo) Japan. I found it hilarious that we are now world-renowned for “randy” monkeys. Researchers from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, documented female Japanese Macaques (referred to popularly as “snow monkeys”) rubbing themselves on the backs of Sika Deer. One of the author’s of study speculates that this is a learned behavior and when adolescent female monkeys do not have access to male monkeys, they resort to the backs of deer. The male deer are not bothered by the interaction.

On Sunday I visited the Minoh Brewery, a small craft beer business that brews some of the best beer I’ve ever tasted. Their logo features a monkey which reflects that the city of Minoh is known for the Minoh Quasi National¬†Park, with its colorful autumn leaves, a stunning waterfall and wildlife such as deer, wild boar and monkeys.

Below is video from the scientists. I think it is great that they are reaching out to popular culture and taking their findings to the general public.


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