Family Journal: December 20, 2017


Kralovec family at the bar of Nick & Renee’s 

I am really enjoying the holidays. Yesterday (Wednesday) morning was mostly devoted to work, with a Skype meeting, catching up with emails and work with a colleague on our accreditation report.


Bamboo forest on the trail behind our school 


In the afternoon I went for a walk/run with Nadia. My whole body was sore from a huge exercise day on Tuesday. I need to slowly build up my body instead of diving right in. It is amazing how fast you lose physical fitness in your 50s. The late afternoon and early evening was devoted to Christmas shopping for the kids. Nadia did sensational work in wrapping the presents and our tree looks ready for the season with them underneath.

We finished the day by taking the kids to Nick & Renee’s, an American hamburger and fries place in the neighboring suburb of Toyonaka.


On Tuesday, Owen had a dentist appointment downtown. Oliver and I accompanied him and we had a lot of laughs, riding the subway and then going to Burger King afterward. The kids are at such a good age right now. It is like hanging out with friends.


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