Kralovec Christmas 2017

Midnight Christmas Eve

We had a really nice family Christmas! The kids don’t believe in Santa anymore, but it was still fun. They stayed up until midnight on Christmas Eve, honoring Nadia’s tradition of Latin America. They each got to open one gift and they saved the rest for the next day.

We had Christmas dinner over at the Tsubaki residence in our neighborhood. They organized games for the kids and we especially liked the “Minute to Win It”. There was plenty of food and friends and that is what Christmas is all about! We missed our extended family in the USA, Singapore and Bolivia.

I’ve immensely enjoyed playing basketball with the kids. This video below is of Owen and Oliver, but today, Ocean got into the act and played as well. She has athletic talent and is a really good shooter and passer. She could be the best athlete of the three children. Anyway, I just like getting out and playing with them. I think Owen has surpassed me athletically. He is now 15 years old and I am 50. I am feeling my age and his strength and speed going past me. He is also taller than me! No fair! Oliver has been going out with us every day and giving it a go. He is such a funny character.

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