Happy New Year from the Kralovec Family


Katsuo-ji Temple – Minoh, Japan

It is traditional in Japan to visit a temple to honor your ancestors and pray for good fortune in the next year. We made the pilgrimage to the Katsuo-ji Temple, located in the hills above Minoh. It was a beautiful day for a walk and even the kids, after complaining about having to get outside, enjoyed the afternoon hike. We walked 5 kilometers up the forested hills to reach the temple.

Trail through the Minoh Forest


There were many people paying their respects and purchasing the various good luck charms (omamori). We lit candles for all of our dead relatives. We walked back down while the sun was setting. Nadia had prepared homemade cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate for all of us. A nice way to start 2018. Happy New Year!

I am as always, optimistic for 2018. My resolutions are geared towards health this year. I want to eat less food, stretch/yoga to increase my flexibility and meditate to reduce anxiety. and bring a calm, clarity to my thinking. I also want to work out a long-term health insurance plan for my old age.

Happy Walkers!


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