Family Journal: January 27, 2018

Oliver clears the ball in defense against Marist Brothers International School

I am catching up on my family journal while on the shinkansen back from Hiroshima.

Last weekend was great because we had snow! Oliver’s soccer game against Marist Brothers International School was played on a snowy field. As the sun hit more of the field, most of the field was clear, but it was still slippery conditions. Oliver played sweeper (gunta in Japanese) which is a position that suits his body type. I had to laugh when the star of the opposing team tried to dribble past him. He leaned into Ollie and got knocked flat to the ground. Oliver is a stocky boy and to afraid of physical contact. I love watching him play. He also has an eye for the goal, and has a strong leg and is very accurate. His left heel is bothering him when he plays too much and we should get that checked out after the season.

Ocean has been begging for a puppy. I really want to get one, but they are expensive and a lot of work so we are not sure if we are going to get one. Especially with our lifestyle of travel, it is difficult to travel with or find care for the dog when we are away. She read a lot about hamsters so we did get her a Dzungarian Dwarf Hamster named “Eduardo”. It is very cute and we are enjoying watching him and taking care of the little guy. He has a habit of biting so we are training him not too. He is a big eater and it is fun to hand him cheese, blueberries or standard hamster food chips. Eduardo grabs it in his front feet and nibbles like crazy.

Ollie holds Eduardo

It was Nadia’s birthday on Friday. We surprised her with flowers and strawberries in the morning. Owen baked her a small cake and Ocean made a nice card. We went to dinner at her favorite restaurant on Saturday, the Lei Can Tin. They have many delicious Asian dishes.

Nadia, Amy and Mariah

Owen and I like to throw the football around. We usually go to park #4 in our neighborhood. Having snow on the ground reminded me of playing football with my brother and the neighborhood friends on the first snowfall. We loved slipping and sliding around and diving into the snow.


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