Owen’s First Prom

Last Saturday our school held the annual prom. The event is open to all high school students and Owen being in grade 9, attended his first prom. We invited some of his friends and their dates to our neighbor so the parents could take photos. As you can see, it was quite exciting. The milestones just keep coming and I can’t believe our oldest son is in high school.


The whole process was fun, from shopping for a suit and tie, to talking to Owen about social etiquette at a dance, to watching him dance to his first slow song. I always chaperone the prom and Nadia and I tried not to embarrass Owen too much. The prom took place at the KKR Hotel near the Osaka Castle downtown. It was nice to see the students socializing, dancing and dressing up. I felt that the majority really liked the experience.

Some of Owen’s classmates

Tokyo Broadcast System (TBS) was filming as a follow up to a program they were doing at our school a couple of weeks ago. This gave it more of a sense of occasion. The food was really good and I actually recognized a few of the songs. Thanks to having two teenagers in my house, I am up to date with pop music.



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