Owen Competes at World Scholar’s Cup Global Round – Kuala Lumpur

Owen with his teammates at World Scholar’s Cup 

This week Owen is participating in the World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) Global Round – Kuala Lumpur. WSC is an academic competition featuring debate, writing, knowledge bowl and other fun stuff. It is such a clever program with a curriculum that is much more interesting and engaging than students get in their regular school.

Owen’s team competed in the debates yesterday. The motions they were debating were as follows:

  • It should be allowed to access the memories of the dead.
  • Negotiations between the US and North Korea have been a success.
  • Secrets can make relationships stronger.


The topics they study are fascinating. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Science – The Science of Memory
  2. History – The History of Diplomacy
  3. Social Studies – Black Markets
  4. Literature – Voices of the Inseparable

Under the Literature category, there is an extensive reading list that includes poems, novels, films and include guided questions and case studies. I would love to dive in on the works!

The founders include much theatre and comedy that really resonates with teenagers.

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