Weekend Journal: February 1-3, 2019

Ocean and I head to school on Saturday morning

It was my first “free” weekend in 2019 and it was so pleasing to have two days with nothing fixed on my calendar! Friday night Nadia and I attended a fundraiser for Tokyo Emergency Lifeline Japan (TELL Japan). It was held at the Garden Place Soshuen, a gorgeous estate in the hills of Ashiya, overlooking the port of Kobe. It used to be a zaibatsu (Japanese tycoon during the Emperor’s reign – pre WW II) estate. It was converted to a restaurant and events center. The building is like out of the James Bond film, “You Only Live Twice”, in the Ryokan style. We had a lot of laughs with friends! There is a gorgeous bar and we all had a drink to finish off the night.

It was so nice to wake up on Saturday and help Ocean get ready for her dress rehearsal. She is playing a part in Shrek: The Musical, the school play. I love making her breakfast and helping her with her speech and preparations for the day. We cycled over to the school. After doing some errands and checking on the other events at school, I cycled to the travel agency, located near the Juso Station. I paid for our upcoming flights. I will be travelling a lot this spring.

Garden Place Bar

After a luxurious nap, I went to play football with Owen. On one of the passes I caught, it jammed my finger and I damaged a ligament in a finger. The doctor diagnosed “mallet finger” and I have to wear a brace for 8 weeks and go through physical therapy. It is not painful, just a nuisance. The ligament was damaged on the last knuckle and I cannot straighten my ring finger on my right hand. The brace keeps it straight while it heals.

Video at the hospital

Sunday I spent most of the afternoon working on an assignment for my doctoral studies and organizing my home office.

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