Oliver Begins Volleyball Season

The Senri & Osaka International Schools Sabers began their middle school volleyball season with a victory over Canadian Academy from Kobe yesterday. Nadia and I were impressed with his serving and twice he served the maximum five times for five points in the matches. They played six games and Oliver played in 3 of the 6.

Oliver is going through puberty right now and his body is developing rapidly. He is much stronger and athletic this year than in previous years. He enjoys the camaraderie of playing with his friends. The games are played on Saturday mornings in Japan because schools do not want to miss classes for traveling to games. It is a shame more parents and students do not attend the games, but most people do not like to come out on a Saturday morning.

It is such a pleasure to watch my children play team sports. Just having them in an activity and learning to be a good teammate is valuable.

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