A Father’s Day Escape

A daughter-father Father’s Day

I had a really nice father’s day! Ocean and her two BFFs took their fathers to Escape Osaka. The girls planned it as a surprise and they were so excited! The idea is to use clues to figure out codes for locks that open up further clues. You need to go through a series of these to escape two rooms. It was very clever and a thoroughly enjoyable hour with our daughters. It really is a team effort, each of us making a different contribution.

The Victors Thanking the Monks of the art of Dark Zen!

After the escape room, we found a nice burger restaurant in Namba. Osaka city has so many great neighborhoods with thousands of restaurants and shopping areas. I will definitely miss this city.

In the morning I did some errands with Nadia as we continue to clear out our house in preparation for our move at the end of the month. I also did a quick workout of rowing and swimming.

The Clue Hunters

There was also some excitement in our part of Osaka. In the suburb next to Minoh, Suita, a man attacked a policeman and stole his gun. A manhunt has been taking place since it happened this morning. As I write this at 9:00 PM, he still has not been found. The city has ordered schools to close tomorrow. This is a rare event in Japan and the city was empty today as people are staying home. Sunday is a big day for driving and usually we get lots of traffic, but there were much fewer people downtown. Japan is a risk-averse culture and people are quite cautious here and are staying home until the gunman is found.

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