Washington DC Observations

Setting up the stage near the Lincoln Memorial

Two nights ago I walked down to the National Mall to see preparations for the 4th of July celebration. The late afternoon rain cooled temperatures here in the nation’s capital to make it a pleasant evening for a walk. We are still adjusting to the 13-hour time difference, so a close to midnight walk, is really a mid-afternoon stroll the next day for me. Our hotel is a mile from the National Mall and the Lincoln Memorial, which will be the main stage for President Trump’s Salute to America.

Washington Monument Reflecting Pool

Owen and I earlier in the day briefly stopped at the National Public Radio studios which are also here in Washington. I have spent hours cleaning the kitchen, cooking breakfast and other household chores while listening to NPR. It was a thrill to see where it all happens.

Washington DC is a liberal city with a highly-educated populace. NPR’s news and storytelling is at a higher intellectual level than most other programs and fits well with this city. A strongly anti-intellectual president like Trump does not. Many people here feel that he is turning Independence Day into a personal political rally and are highly critical of the event. I am excited to see how things turn out as I write this morning, the fourth of July.

A podcast nerd at podcast heaven!

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