A Capitol Fourth: Kralovec Family in DC

Washington Monument

Last evening we walked to the National Mall to enjoy the Independence Day fireworks and festivities. Due to jet lag, we didn’t get out of the hotel until Trump’s speech was almost over. We did see him leave his speech as the presidential motorcade sped past us. The Blue Angels jet fighters also soared over head, which was awesome.

The fireworks were bit of a disappointment. The 89% humidity level of atmosphere, caused a thick cloud of smoke that hid most of the fireworks. I did get one good photo against the Washington Monument. There were thousands of people walking around and enjoying the show. I think fireworks in general are overrated, but I can’t think of a replacement.

Nadia and Oliver pose with military security

It was entertaining to people watch. There were protesters, Trump supporters, slightly insane people, tourists, college kids, etc. The military and police vehicles and personnel were also entertaining. There are a lot of logistics that goes into holding such a large public event.

We walked down to the trendy and expensive District Wharf. This is a new (2018) mile-long development on the Potomac River. Developers and city officials built 14 large buildings in a disused, high crime area on the fringe of the national mall. George Washington always wanted this area to be developed, so the city should be proud that they finally got this going. The complex included restaurants, a large music hall, apartments, hotels and office space. It was nice but crowded and we finally found a place to eat, a bit later than we expected. However, Mi Vida Mexican restaurant did not disappoint and it was some of the best Mexican food I ever had.

Ocean on her scooter

The electronic scooters were a highlight for the kids. We downloaded the app Bird, and with many of the streets blocked to traffic, they were able to race in the streets along the Potomac. I see why they are so popular and I also see why they can be a nuisance.

District Wharf Nightlife

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