Hotel Uzbekistan At Night

The Hotel Uzbekistan at night did not disappoint. The entire front facade was lit up with neon lights of the Uzbekistan flag. I wonder if guests see the colors outside of their rooms? We also walked into the lobby and it felt a bit old, classic Soviet socialist style, despite the renovation 15 years ago. As with the Hotel Yugoslavia in Belgrade, I always felt that some owner should really play up the Socialist kitsch with the decor and theme of the hotel. Morning calisthenics, posters celebrating the worker, staff dressed from the times, etc. I think it would be a hit!

The Hotel Uzbekistan at Night

We walked around in the center of the city after dinner. The Palace of International Forums next door is another impressive building. The downtown of Tashkent is really quite nice and developed compared to our neighborhood of Mirobad. The term “palace” is appropriate in this case. It reminded Owen of Washington DC.

Uncle Jack and the family (sans Oliver) in front of the Palace of International Forums

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