Bill’s take on the 2019 NFL

My updates in bold (December 30, 2019) I enjoy following the NFL and it is something that Owen and I can bond over. More than other professional sports, the regular season matters and the talent is more evenly spread throughout the league. Most of the games are decided by one touchdown or less. I also think coaching in football is more important than other sports as well, so I put emphasis in analyzing teams on the coach. The other important factor for me is the quarterback. I also like the fact I can watch the highlights of a game in 10 minutes. My biggest complaint with the NFL is the use of instant replay to officiate the game and all of the stoppages in a game. I use the NFL to calm my mind and fall asleep at night, I think about the games and teams. Good meditation.

Tier 1 – Championship Contenders (Top 5) – Favorites to make it to the Super Bowl.

New England Patriots – best coach in any sport, automatic #1 or #2 seed annually – they dropped to #3 seed with loss to Dolphins, still a Championship Contender with +195 point differential and #1 DVOA Defense

Baltimore Ravens – love Lamar Jackson, wish Lions picked him, good coach, hard-hitting team – must be favorites going into the playoffs #1 offense, #4 defense, biggest point differential

Green Bay Packers – Rodgers with strong running game, good change with coach, home field advantage – they won a lot of close games due to good fortune, stats are a Tier 2 team, but get a home playoff bye and with Rodgers, a threat to win it all

Minnesota Vikings – talented roster, decent coach – similar to Packers with lesser QB and better overall roster

New Orleans Saints – coach and QB smart and experienced, better defense this year – finished strong

Tier 2 – Good Solid Teams (9 teams) – Can win a playoff game or two, would be a surprise team to make it to the Super Bowl, but not out of the reach with some luck.

San Francisco 49ers – great coach, roster improved through draft, Garapalo overrated – I would move them to Tier 1, #4 DVOA overall

Kansas City Chiefs – Mahomes and playcalling brilliant, defense needs more; defense improved late in season, move to Tier 1, #3 DVOA

Buffalo Bills – solid defense, lots of players, I think a good coach

Houston Texans – DeShaun Watson great QB, mediocre coach

Indianapolis Colts – really good coach, good roster,

Dallas Cowboys – lots of talent, defense their weakness

Philadelphia Eagles – injuries drop them to Tier 2 – nice finish to the year!

Seattle Seahawks – very lucky in close games this year, Wilson great QB, great at home –

Los Angeles Rams – good roster, average QB, good coach

Tier 3 – Average to Slightly Below Average (not bad) 13 teams that can have their moments

Cleveland Browns – lots of speed, undisciplined, poorly coached – drop to Tier 4

Pittsburgh Steelers – tough defense, solid, bad QB

Tennessee Titans – frustratingly inconsistent, nice uniforms – improved a bit with Tanneyhill as QB, would put into Tier 4

Jacksonville Jaguars – I don’t like Jacksonville having a NFL franchise, hard-hitting team – drop to Tier 4

Los Angeles Chargers – carried my fantasy football team last year, give games away in 4th quarter; regretting choice to move to LA

Denver Broncos – really good defense, need a QB

Chicago Bears – see Denver

Detroit Lions – my favorite team, can score points, not sure well-coached, bad front 7 on defense – although lost 9 straight, still Tier 3

Carolina Panthers – solid all-around team but nothing spectacular

Atlanta Falcons – recent resurgence brought to Tier 3

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – exciting offense players (ballers), Bruce Arena needs time to straighten out

Arizona Cardinals – surprisingly solid team this year, Murray a good QB

Oakland Raiders – Gruden a good coach, will win games they are supposed to win

Tier 4 – Bad Teams (5 teams with no chance, fighting for draft rankings)

New York Jets – could be decent, poor GM/owner

Miami Dolphins – have some fight, loved them as a kid, need QB and more talent

Cincinnati Bengals – years of first-round playoff exit era over, heading further down

Washington Redskins – bad owner, no talent, no direction

New York Giants – love Sequon Barkley, will move up next year, Jones not bad

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