Happy Birthday Oliver!

Oliver’s Covid-19 Birthday Zoom Party – April 30, 2020

Nadia was a superstar mother to organize a meaningful birthday for our son Oliver. He turned 15 on April 30 and due to the quarantine, we could not invite friends over or go on an outing with friends. Instead, Naida contacted the mothers of Oliver’s friends around the world and they had a Zoom party. Oliver had friends from his time in Serbia, Japan and Uzbekistan online. He was so happy! Oliver is an extrovert and lives for his friendships and connections to others. Besides gaming, hanging out with friends is his favorite thing to do. The expression on his face and mood during and after the Zoom call was priceless. I was so proud of Nadia for providing such a thoughtful event for her son.

We sang happy birthday, had a homemade chocolate cake, and ate his favorite meal (chicken coconut curry with rice) on the patio by the pool. Without the pandemic, we never would have zoomed in so many people and they would not be available.

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