Weekend Journal: September 13, 2020

Nadia and Obi on the rocky shores of the Charvak Reservoir

On Sunday afternoon Nadia and I drove up to the mountains. I showed her the Amirsoy Ski Resort and we had lunch at the Olive Garden restaurant at the resort. It was such a beautiful day with blue skies and a cool breeze. The Tian Shan Mountains were inspiring as always for me. On the way back to Tashkent, we stopped at the Charvak Reservoir and collected some large, smooth stones for our garden. I went for a refreshing swim and the scenery was gorgeous.

Lunch at the Amirsoy Ski Resort

On Saturday I did a lot of work on the school reopening plans and drove our teenagers around to friends’ homes. Because of physical distancing, we do not allow them to take taxis so I drive them where they want to go. We also went to the Mirobad Market and I enjoy being able to buy pork in an Islamic country. The Russians and Koreans are big port eaters so you can find it at many of the markets.

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