First Day of School

It is a tradition in my family, as with many families, to take a photo on the first day of school. This year the “start” has been the latest ever. Our school started in August online and this week was the first time students were attending classes since March. They went 88 school days of Virtual Learning from the end of spring break in mid-March of last school year to October 5 this year. It was special as well because this is the last “first-day-of-school” for Owen who is a senior this year. The grade 12 students are going every day.

Ocean is in grade 7 and they attended classes Monday through Wednesday. Oliver is in grade 9 and he started classes on Thursday. What a strange year!

It has been very busy at school for me with the reopening and dealing with the pandemic so I have not been posting much. I am trying to stop and make time for family this year as much as possible. We had a special moment a couple of weeks ago when we went to school to pick up the “Ramstein” order. The US embassy gives access for Americans working at the school to the commissary. The embassy makes a big order from the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. We made Oliver pack the boxes into our SUV and with the sun setting and Obi running around, it was such a nice moment. I hope to blog more this week.

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