Tian Shan Beauty – Kralovec Family Hike

Owen, Oliver and Dad

On Tuesday we hired guides to take us for a hike in the mountains overlooking the Amirsoy Resort. The trek started with us taking the gondola from the ski resort up to the top. From there, we walked across the peaks along the ridge heading south east. The views of the valley on the other side of the ridge are spectacular and awe-inspiring. The boys enjoyed climbing on the rocky outcrops. We were at a slower pace with Nadia and Obi and probably walked a couple of kilometers on the heights. The plan was to complete a loop back to the bottom of the resort. 

Nadia & Ocean walk along the top ridge of Amirsoy Resort

The guide probably chose the wrong ridge to go down back towards the resort. It was quite rocky and steep and Nadia had difficulty making it through. She is afraid of heights and concerned about her back being injured and she struggled through this section of the hike. Owen was a champion, carrying our dog Obi through the tight parts. Obi fought through the many thistles and thorny bushes of this dry climate. We did eventually make it to a dry creek bed after a couple hours of scrambling and sliding down loose rocks and tight passages between bigger rocks. 

Obi’s first hike in the mountains

The creek emptied into a flat open area. Looking back what we came down from gave all of us immense satisfaction that we made it down, safe and sound. It gave us a new appreciation for the beauty and danger of the Tian Shan mountains. The walk back in the setting sun was uneventful, but gorgeous. The colors of the red granite, white marble, green junipers and pines and yellow autumn colors, painted a soothing mountain landscape. I feel re-charged after a day of walking in the mountains. 

Oliver leads the family through tight passages on the rocks.

We were tired and famished from a full day of walking. The Olive Garden restaurant in the resort was the perfect remedy. I had a fresh Greek Salad and a pasta with Arabiata sauce that hit the spot. Thanks to Viola and Andrey for the photos featured in this post.

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