Bike Ride Around Charvak – November Edition

Panorama of Lake Charvak

Sunday I attempted to ride around Lake Charvak. It was part of a race and I rode 56 of 83 kilometers before being picked up by the trail vehicle. I have not been riding in a long time and did not want to hold up the rest of the group. I really enjoyed the ride. It was decent weather, cool, partly overcast and as always, inspiring views of the Tian Shan Mountains.

The lake is a triangle and I rode the backside of the triangle, a new section for me. I have now rode all sections and have a pretty good idea of each section. It is my goal before leaving Uzbekistan to complete the circumnavigation of the lake. The lake is formed by 168 meter high stone dam and captures three rivers.

Typical patch of road around the lake

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