Yangiobad Bazaar

Nadia was looking for some antique glassware and old furniture to reupholster so we visited the famous flea market, Yangiobad Bazaar. The market is only open on weekends. It is a mix of permanent vendors and people occasionally hawking their wares. It is not designed for tourists but many of the expatriates at the school go often for the antiques. I liked the Soviet propaganda items like pins, Lenin busts, military uniforms, etc. It is a bit depressing to visit because the venue is an abandoned cement slab factory and the adjacent railway yard. Uzbekistan is a poor country, with a GDP of 120th in the world, which puts it above the African nations, but near the bottom of the rest of the world. It is actually very close to Bolivia.

I am amazed at the variety of items available, ranging from engine parts to cigars, old tubas to second-hand Android phones and everything in between. Much of the stuff for sale would go into landfills in more developed countries. The humble dress and goods, combined with ugly environs, makes me feel sorry for the poor here. The grey, snowy morning didn’t help the ambiance. We were treated nicely and it felt good to contribute to their livelihood. I picked up a Russian language version of the Beatles “A Hard Day’s Night” album LP for Owen for $1.50 and a metal hammer/sickle and for Oliver. I should have bought an old gas mask for my daughter, but I couldn’t find the stall where I first saw it. Maybe next time.I see online that it is also called the “tizzykafka” market. I am not sure what that means.

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