New Year Cycling

Horse Transport

As with many people, I am trying to get outdoors and exercise more as one of my New Year’s resolutions. The first two days of 2021 I did manage to get out on my bike and ride. It is one of the most pleasurable things I do and hope to continue during the winter. Global Cycling Network has many inspirational and informative videos to support people cycling. I find them encouraging on these cold winter days that it is easier to stay warm and cozy indoors. Uzbekistan in the winter, especially if you are not in the mountains, can be dreary. There is a lot of fog/smog and mud and with no leaves on the trees to hide unsightly, dilapidated buildings, the scenery can be a bit depressing. However, getting out is good for my mood and energy and I always see interesting sights like the horses being transported in the photo above. I was on the backside of the international airport under construction and notice three trucks filled with horses. I am not sure where they were going. They were dressed and with feed bags so I guess they were not going to the slaughterhouse. The Uzbeks do eat horsemeat.

There are many Great Patriotic War (World War II in the West) Memorials in Tashkent

I also discover areas of the city on my rides. For example, I never noticed the Palace of Arts “Turkiston” before. The former president Islam Karimov initiated the construction of this performing arts venue to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Uzbekistan independence. The indoor theatre has a capacity of 900 and an outdoor amphitheater seats 3200. I have not been attending any public events because of COVID and I hope to see inside many of the buildings in Tashkent when this thing is done.

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