Family Journal: January 6, 2021

I was pointing out this summer that our mahalla (neighborhood) did not have a prominent sign. Neighborhood associations in Tashkent are quite prominent and we live next door to our mahalla community center. I noticed today that our mahalla has a new sign. The name of our mahalla is Yangi Zamon (New Era) and Guzari is a place in the neighborhood where people go to relax, socialize and meet. It is nice that they renovated the part of the building and put up a new sign. There still is some more work that needs to be done as most of the community center is quite run down.

Obi and Nadia at the Clinic

Our dog Obi has been receiving treatment at the local veterinary clinic for digestive problems. Nadia has been quite anxious about his health. He is receiving a treatment of injections to help digestive system and other organs. The doctor recommended switching his diet to strictly dog food. The little guy has been a trooper, especially after the injection hurt his leg after the first day. He is feeling much better and was moving around as normal. Obi loves going for walks and despite the cold temperatures (-6C today) he enthusiastically saunters over the sidewalks and streets of Tashkent.

Nadia walking Obi in our neighborhood.

I am trying to keep fit and lose some weight I’ve gained over the holiday season. I ran 10 kilometers yesterday, barely. My calf was hurting and left knee a bit sore, but I finished. The canal is always peaceful and is exactly 5 kilometers in length so running from the starting parking lot to the Minor Mosque and back, is a nice 10 kilometer run.

Hydroelectric Dam on the Ankhor Canal

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