Tashkent Journal: March 14, 2021

Family brunch at Arrows and Sparrows Cafe in Tashkent City. (friend of the family to my right)

Cold weather has returned to Tashkent after a couple weeks of spring, almost summer-like weather. It snowed a bit on Saturday night and it continues with below freezing temperatures and a bit of sleet today. We are looking forward to Spring Break, one more week of school to go. There are still a low number of cases in Uzbekistan and Tashkent. The government announced they are stopping administration of rapid antigen testing at airports. People arriving still need to have had a negative PCR test before boarding the flight.

I was taxi driver again this weekend, shuttling teenagers to various places. Oliver is spending a lot of time with his girlfriend. Owen plays tennis on Saturday with his friends and is always going out on the town with his friends. Ocean’s good friend Asla slept over on Saturday. Nadia had a great time with her friends Friday night at the City 21 Restaurant at the Hilton. I played 2 and 1/2 hours of tennis this morning with the regular crew and got a lot of work done in the afternoon. I took Obi out for a walk along Nukus street and enjoyed the cold, fresh air.

We had many laughs about our protective whistles. I took the girls to Щеф Бургер

Before the cold weather hit I went for a bike ride along the canal on Saturday morning. Below is another example of the glorious Soviet architecture one sees around Tashkent. The Palace of Arts Turkistan hosts concerts, festivals and events.

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