Kralovec Boys Excel at the TIS Model United Nations

Sophia and Oliver Ready to Go!

I loved the past couple of days helping the boys learn how to tie their ties and dress in business attire. They participated in the Tashkent International School Model United Nations. The school usually travels to The Hague or other destination or hosts other schools, however, due to the pandemic, it was only our high school that participated. Oliver represented Argentina and Owen represented the former USSR in the historical UN sessions. It is a mock UN with delegates making proposals and working in committees.

The event is 100% student-led with experienced students acting as chairs. There is usually a global emergency on day two. Besides the general assembly, there are sessions on different areas like the environment, human rights, etc.

The students learn diplomacy and how the United Nations functions. They also hone their presentation skills through debate, persuasion, compromise, dialogue, etc. Basically, they are learning diplomacy and politics. It is such a valuable experience. Owen and Oliver are really enthusiastic about it!

Owen entering school on April 1, 2021

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