Family Journal: May 13, 2021

Ocean on some of the last snow of the year

This is our first spring in the mountains of Uzbekistan. Last year at this time, we were under pandemic induced lockdown in the city and unable to leave the city limits. This is the most beautiful time of year to be Tien-Shan mountain range. The spring run-off and rains make for deep green grasses and wild flowers. It contrasts with the snow-capped peaks and patches of snow in the high altitude areas. It looks like the Swiss Alps or Colorado Rockies. Later in the summer the greens turn to browns and the snow melts. However, just being in the mountains anytime of year is refreshing for me. The Ugam-Chatkal National Park is my favorite part of living in Tashkent and is a short drive out of the city.

Top of Amirsoy

This morning I took Obi on a walk to the 12 Pools, a small series of waterfalls on the eastern side of the Amirsoy Resort. It was so nice to be walking through forests in the valleys between two ridges. I eventually climbed out of the ravine and to a grassy meadow. The Sound of Music was in my head as Obi was running around. He really loved the forest and he even crossed a small stream. He doesn’t like swimming in our pool and it was surprising.

Mountain Meadows

In the afternoon, we all went to the top of the resort on the ski gondola. We walked down “Papa” ski trail to the first station and then went up and around on the gondola. There were lots of people heading up the gondola as Thursday was Eid al Fitr and a public holiday in Uzbekistan.

The evening sunset was stunning with Chimgan peak turning a glorious pink for a few minutes before the sun went behind the ridge. A nice day indeed!

Oliver and Ocean pose in front of Chimgan.

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