Family Journal: May 23, 2019

It is hard not to have a good weekend with the weather being so gorgeous in Tashkent. Today’s big event was Ocean’s hair coloring appointment. She wanted to dye her hair a different color and so Nadia and her decided on purple. As you can see, she is so beautiful, she looks great with any color. She is growing up and wanted to express herself. Her and Nadia had a nice afternoon together. I was the support team with meal prep and driving them to and from the appointment.

Owen and I really enjoyed the TIS student-teacher softball game on Friday evening. Thanks to Sione and the PE department for organizing the game. It was the last time I got to watch Owen play sport as K-12 student. He hit a home run and played first base and his team beat my team, 11-8. He played a lot of baseball in Japan and unfortunately here in Tashkent due to COVID, we couldn’t play much. There is not a high school team, but there is an intramural club that plays in the spring. I’ll be helping coaching next spring for sure.

Sometimes I feel like an Uber Driver (Yandex here in Russian-influenced Tashkent). Saturday I took Owen to play tennis and Oliver and Ocean to sleepovers. The kids have an active social life here and are starting to get over leaving Japan. Owen and I got in a tennis practice with coach Igor at the Olympic Tennis Club on Saturday morning. Igor taught us where to position ourselves in anticipation of opponent’s shots. It really was an epiphany for me and it will improve my game. We are planning to buy new racquets this week.

I saw this delivery to my neighbor on Saturday.

One of the crazy things about Tashkent is I often see people driving around with furniture, equipment, supplies, etc. strapped to the top of their cars. Pickup trucks are rare here so the Uzbeks make due. You would be amazed at how much stuff they can secure to the top of an old Lada car. I end this post with some some sunset photos from my walk with Obi. I love spring and summer evenings and often take the dog out for walks around the city close to sunset.

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