Family Journal: June 8, 2021

Nadia and I attended Student-led Conferences last week. It was a nice format, each student had 45 minutes to talk to their parents about their learning. The teachers did a nice job of preparing a packet to guide the conversation. I most appreciated that the school carved out this time and forced teenagers to talk to their parents in a quiet environment. Both Ocean and Oliver were so cute!

Ocean, Nadia and Obi in the Istiklol Palace Gardens

Summer weather has returned to Tashkent with temperatures in the 40s (C) / 100s (F). The pool has been a godsend! It is so refreshing to dive in after a hot day at work. I am getting up in the mornings before school to bike for 60-90 minutes which is my favorite way to start the day. We also are taking Obi (our dog) out for walks in the early evening. I love summer nights and Tashkent in my opinion, is a pleasant city to walk dogs. There are many parks and walking streets to take out the little guy.

Owen feels no pain with his second dose of vaccine!

We also got the second dose of the Astra Zeneca vaccine on Saturday. That means in we will be fully vaccinated by the time we leave Uzbekistan for our summer holidays! Thanks again to the Tashkent International Clinic

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